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BlueShot Support - Updated 03.02.19


Finding The BlueShot App

Just search for BlueShot on Google Play. Suggestions and comments are appreciated. Find a video and information about BlueShot here

Purchasing the BlueShot Interface

Purchase from our online shop we ship worldwide, please  if you have any comments or questions or need to pay extra postage.

Installing and using BlueShot for the first time

1. Install BlueShot from Google Play

2. Carefully Plug the micro USB connector of the BlueShot Interface into your phone.

3. The LED in the BlueShot interface will light up.

4. The Message "Open BlueShot when this USB device is connected" will be displayed. Select "Use by default for this USB device" then select "OK".

5. The BlueShot app will then start and will show "Connected OTG" in the top left hand corner of the main screen, indicating the BlueShot interface is connected.

6. From the BlueShot Menu (Top right vertical 3 dots) Select Settings, scroll down to "USB OTG Settings" and select your Chrono. The default is Combro.

7. Change any other settings, pellet weight, gun name etc as required.

8. Return to the main BlueShot screen.

9. If you have changed the Chrono type you will need to completely close the app, then unplug and replug the BlueShot interface to change the Chrono settings.

10. Connecting your chrono

Combro Chronograph

Remove the batteries from your Combro as they are no longer required.
Carefully plug the BlueShot interface into the your Combro ensuring the trailing lead from the plug faces downwards.
Switch on your Combro Chrono - While connected to your BlueShot interface it does not require batteries.

Chrony Chronograph

Carefully plug the BlueShot interface into the your Chrony

Switch on your Chrony - Note the Chrony still requires batteries.

11. Take a test shot

Your shots will be logged

Supported Phones and Tablets

Most Android 4.0 and later devices will work. However, not all devices fully support USB OTG and due to the huge range of devices and firmware there is not a complete list available. Please contact us if you need more information.
Check our Supported Phones List

Which Chronos are supported

The popular Combro and the Chrony (F1, Master, Beta etc) are supported.

Can I test my Phone/Tablet

If you have a USB OTG adapter and a mouse, and that combination works on you device it is most likely that BlueShot will also work.

Phone USB OTG not active, BlueShot LED fails to light.

On some Android phones the USB OTG function can become deactivated. Sometimes charging the phone via USB through the computer instead off the charger can cause this.
Typically the BlueShot light will not come on and the BlueShot app will not launch.

Plug in BlueShot, then switch off the phone, then restart the phone with BlueShot still connected, when it starts it will ask if you wish to connect to BlueShot, after you have confirmed yes, you can then disconnect and reconnect as normal.
This video shows the USB OTG not active issue - http://youtu.be/JevEyriLXZ0 Thanks Paul for this tip!

Chrony showing Error 1 or 2 (Shot has missed one of the Chrony sensors)

This will also be reported in the BlueShot app, but you do not need to manually clear the message. Just keep shooting, the next valid shot will be recorded correctly.

Can the lead be interchanged to support either the Combro or Chrony ?

The lead could be made interchangeable, but it adds to complexity and would introduce another point of failure.
However. We can supply a BlueShot that has - both leads - already connected to it, so either Chrono can be connected. We would be happy to offer this as an upgrade to an existing BlueShot interface or when purchased, contact us for details.

How is the Chrono powered?

When used with the Combro the phone powers the Combro, so it does not need a battery installed. When used with the Chrony the phone cannot power the Chrony - The Chrony still requires a battery.

Saving Shots

All the shot data is saved on the phone as the shot is taken, so you can switch off, remove the battery! etc. and the data will be retained. One set of data is currently stored on the phone.
If you have finished one shot string and you have no internet connection you can use the export option anyway as the email and data are prepared then will remain in the "outbox" until your phone is connected to the internet again. Meanwhile you can delete the shot string and start a new one.

What if BlueShot does not work with my Android device?

To help at this early stage - We will offer a refund of the purchase price if it does not work with your device. Just send the BlueShot back to us (signed and within a week please) and we will refund the purchase price.

Can the shot data be saved as a text file on the phone, as my phone comes with a mobile office app?

Interesting point. Not actually tried it but broadly I see no reason why the .csv file stored on the device could not be picked up by an Office style app running on the device. I will investigate and report back.

Can I use any USB cable to my Chrono?

The BlueShot App does not support any other USB cables.
To ensure reliability our BlueShot App uses custom software drivers and the BlueShot Interface uses active buffering circuitry, and a micro USB plug so no other adapters are needed.

What USB plug does BlueShot use?

BlueShot is supplied with a Micro B USB plug

Can I test my BlueShot app, BlueShot interface and Combro without firing a pellet?

If you hold down the RST button of the Combro for a good few seconds it starts cycling through various options, wait until you get to SND, stop at this point, and then press FPS or PDS to send a test shot. This should register on the BlueShot app.

Can I test my BlueShot app, BlueShot interface and Chrony without firing a pellet?

The best method I have found is to "fire" an elastic band between the two sensors. It seems to work fine in bright room lighting. This should register on the Chrony and on the BlueShot app.
The Chrony will send a copyright message when switched on. If everything is correctly connected this message will briefly display on the BlueShot screen

Can I use a tablet that does not have Play Store?

BlueShot requires an Android phone or tablet version 4.0 or above that supports USB OTG (On The Go) and is a Google Supported Device using Google Play services. Most recent Android phones or tablets from the major manufacturers are supported.

However, due to a number of devices, particularly inexpensive tablets and phones that are not always fully supported by Google, have custom ROM's etc, please check with us if you are unsure of the suitability of your device.

Error while downloading BlueShot there is insufficient space on the device.

Are there any apps you are no longer using that can be removed, or moved to SD (if possible)?
The BlueShot app is about 1.4MB in size, which is small by app standards. For example although the Facebook app is only about 31MB when installed, it saves data on the device so the Facebook app on my device is now taking up 250MB! 8 or even 16GB phone storage can soon fill up.

Close / Exit

Pressing the back button from the BlueShot main screen does not completely close the application, it is just paused. Most Android applications work this way, as they will only be closed by the system if resources are low. This enables recently used apps to be quickly resumed without having to completely restart.

Home Button

Pressing the home button from any screen pauses the app and returns you to the Android Home screen. Next time you press the BlueShot icon, it will quickly resume where you left off.

Changing Settings

Press the menu key or menu "softkey" then Settings. This displays all the apps settings - Gun name, pellet weight, display etc.

I accidentally set it to upload to Google drive. But now find that I cannot reset the app to send to email, tried the BlueShot app settings but nothing there

You will need to go to the Android system settings - Android Settings, Apps.

Then select the default app that has been set for email, in this case Drive, select it and in the launch by default section select clear defaults.

This should give you the choice of apps again when you select email from within the BlueShot app.


Please contact us. There are thousands of Android devices and levels of firmware. So, the only way some crashes will be fixed is if you contact us! Thanks!
More notes on using BlueShot will be published shortly.

Please  if you have any comments or issues

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